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GoTime Consulting provides Organizational Leadership, Fund Development, and External Relations expertise for the charitable sector.

GoTime Consulting exists so that organizations and individuals can thrive, creating a positive impact for the people they serve. My name is Bryan Goehringer and it would be my pleasure to have GoTime Consulting help serve your cause.

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Portfolio Clients:

Centre for Suicide Prevention, Canadian Mental Health Association, Ambrose University, The Salvation Army, CAUSE Canada, and The Mustard Seed. Successfully helping organizations build capacity in their teams to generate nearly $6M in short-term project-based assignments.

GoTime Consulting's commitment to the philanthropic community:

Sponsorship of AFP events, Serving on AFP Calgary & Area's board, Serving on several committees and advisory teams.

The nonprofit sector produces more than 8.2% of Canadian GDP at nearly $169B in 2019. The sector employs more than 2.4M Canadians. To put this in perspective, the nonprofit sector produces more gross domestic product than the Canadian Energy Sector, Financial Sector, and more than Retail Trade. The nonprofit sector facilitates and produces some of the most important services that touch our day to day lives (health, education, social services, faith, community, protection, and environment)


Contract and consulting services providing solutions in the areas of fund development, organizational leadership, marketing, and public relations.

Areas of Service:

Development of staff, training, and career advancement.

Online donation and direct response optimization.

Implementation and modernization of fund development practices.

Strategic initiatives like 3rd party, peer to peer and cause marketing funding.


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